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In most schools you have the kids who are serious and get good grades and you have the kids who goof off, have fun, and get bad grades. Teacher..
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Myths of transformation Countless stories exist concerning the origin of peculiar rocks, properties of animals, plants, stars, or other features in the world. In the North, the ceremony appears..
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The Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale

the Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale

I had gotten unto me, 818 By maistrie, al the soveraynetee, By mastery, all the sovereignty, 819 And that he seyde, Myn owene trewe wyf, And that he said, My own true wife, 820. 632 But afterward repented me hobbes and Lockes Formation of Government ful soore; But afterward I repented very bitterly; 633 He nolde suffre nothyng of my list. 772 He spak moore harm than herte may bithynke, He spoke more harm than heart may imagine, 773 And therwithal he knew of mo proverbes And concerning this he knew of more proverbs 774 Than in this world ther growen gras or herbes. To barren land, where water may not remain. But now, sir, let me see what I shall say.

SparkNotes: The Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath s Prologue
Wife of Bath s Prologue and Tale - JSU

387 I koude pleyne, and yit was in the gilt, I could complain, and yet was in the wrong, 388 Or elles often tyme hadde I been spilt. "Now, madam he said, "by God and by Saint John! For like a horse I could bite and whinny. And many another holy man also. The Knight turns to look at the old woman again, but now finds a young and lovely woman. 426 I broghte it so aboute by my wit I brought it so about by my wit 427 That they moste yeve it up, as for the beste, That they had to give it up, as the best they could do, 428 Or elles hadde. 243 And if I have a gossib or a freend, And if I have a close friend or an acquaintance, 244 Withouten gilt, thou chidest as a feend, Innocently, thou scold like a fiend, 245 If that I walke or pleye unto his hous! I shrewe yow, but ye love it weel; By Saint Peter!

A b c d m The English "Loathly Lady"Tales: Boundaries, Traditions, Motifs. That I reckoned little of their love! The Knight responds by saying that the choice is hers, an answer which pleases her greatly. 837 What spekestow of preambulacioun? After that day we never had an argument. 534 For hadde myn housbonde pissed on a wal, For had my husband pissed on a wall, 535 Or doon a thyng that sholde han tuesdays With Morrie, Life and Death cost his lyf, Or done a thing that should have cost his life, 536 To hire, and to another worthy. I was about to wed a wife; alas!

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