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Gay Marriage Argumentative

gay Marriage Argumentative

called civil unions which is marriage without using the word marriage. Macklamore, and Ryan Lewiss music has up bringing beats about human rights and wanting to see people equal. The major ones are that not allowing same sex people to get married prevents them from getting legal benefits like hospital visitation, health insurance, family leave and more. Some people approve of it, but also, some do not. I dont know if the anti-gay community knows this but, in the United States we have this thing called the constitution and the constitution clearly protects the rights of liberty, freedom, and equality of all, even those in the gay community. Government revenue from marriage comes from marriage licenses, higher income taxes in some circumstances (the so-called "marriage penalty and decreases in costs for state benefit programs. As the debate intensifies, emotional ones quickly replace rational thoughts. Denying same-sex couples of marriage is like denying Christians of going to church, its is unethical, demoralizing, and completely unconstitutional. This subject should not be taken lightly and its legalization should require some serious thought. 19 A California Supreme Court ruling from 1859 stated that "the first purpose of matrimony, by the laws of nature and society, is procreation." 90 Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Bertrand Russell stated that "it is through children alone that sexual relations become important to society, and.

gay Marriage Argumentative

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But in Gay Marriage: Societal Suicide, by Charles Colson, the author opposes the idea of gay marriage and states that it will destroy society. Non-discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation has therefore become an internationally recognized principle." 104 Same-sex marriage is a civil right. In reference to the position supporting gay marriage, the discussion will focus on; discrimination and equality and respect on individuals rights. While interracial couples currently enjoy the same rights that are afforded to any other married couple, the gay community is proposing the same rights. 96 6 of married women aged 15-44 are infertile, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, at the base of it all, are two people who are in a committed relationship living normal and productive lives and contributing to society in a positive manner. Many heterosexual citizens as well as politicians are against gay marriage, but, believe it should be left up to the states to decide. Marriage, act (doma which limits federal benefits for same-sex couples. The debate in the political punishments in Dantes Inferno world concerning this is over allowing or denying gay marriage to be legal. Government revenue from marriage.

Argumentative essay: Gay marriage, essay Example for Free

gay Marriage Argumentative

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