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Jean-Bdel Bokassa Central African Republic President of the Central African Republic ; Emperor Bokassa I of the Central African Empire. Opposition parties state that the rule of law in..
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Antigone, the strong lady, stands for the individual, conscience and divine law, whereas Creon, the new king of Thebes, stands for the state, law and human law. As a..
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Conduction and Convection Experiment

conduction and Convection Experiment

- without the material itself moving., convection convection : The transfer of heat energy through a moving liquid or gas. Conduction is a process in which transfer of heat takes place between objects by direct contact. In contrast, Radiation takes place through the vacuum of space and does not heat up the intervening medium. Take water in a cooking pot and add macaroni.

While conduction is the transfer of heat energy by direct contact, convection is the movement of heat by actual motion of matter; radiation is the transfer of energy with the help of electromagnetic waves. The best example of radiation is solar energy that we get from the sun, even though, it is miles aways from. Conduction takes place as a result of the difference in temperature,.e. This is because the gap between particles widens, while the particles themselves stay the same size. How heat flows through empty spaces. In this process, the energy is transmitted through electromagnetic waves called as radiant energy. Occurs the Way on Earth in fluids, by actual flow of matter.

Key Differences Between, conduction, Convection and Radiation Simple experiments for, convection, Conduction and BBC - gcse Bitesize: Heat transfer by conduction and convection BBC Bitesize - gcse Physics (Single Science) AP Physics

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