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This marriage led to a break with Olympias and his son Alexander. It became a professional occupation that paid well enough that the soldiers could afford to do it..
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Success of Mali and Ghana

success of Mali and Ghana

control over Manden came to a halt after internal instability lead to its decline. Ibn Battuta comments on festival demonstrations of swordplay before the mansa by his retainers including the royal interpreter. At the local level (village, town and city kun-tiguis elected a dougou-tigui (village-master) from a bloodline descended from that locality's semi-mythical founder. The tarikh states that a Sultan Kunburu became a Muslim and had his palace pulled down and the site turned into a mosque; he then built another palace for himself near the mosque on the east side. Upon this realization, Ibn made a personal vow to never travel any road a second time. When these empires declined, so too did the trade in gold.

Empires of Ghana and Mali Epic World History: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai The Trans-Saharan Gold Trade (7th14th Century) Essay

The travels of Ibn Battuta in the Near East, Asia and Africa. Arab traders and scholars of the time wrote accounts of these great empires and their important cities, such as Timbuktu. Not content to rule fellow Manding subjects unified by the victory of Mari Djata I, these mansas would conquer and annex Fula, 60 Wolof, Bamana, Songhai, Tuareg and countless other peoples into an immense empire.

The farba could also take power away from the native administration if required and raise an army in the area for defence or putting down rebellions. He was the son of Niani's faama, Nare Fa (also known as Maghan Kon Fatta meaning the handsome prince). After the loyalty or at least the capitulation the European Common Monetary System of an area was assured, it was allowed to select its own dyamani-tigui. Although many had converted and had a zeal for Islam, there were many common people who still held on to their traditional african religions. 39 The empire's total area included nearly all the land between the Sahara Desert and coastal forests. 62 Mansa Khalifa Keita is remembered as even worse than Ouati Keita. Administration edit The Mali Empire covered a larger area for a longer period of time than any other West African state before or since. They began the empire's return to stability, setting it up for a golden age of rulers.

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